Stacking Rings, 012
Stacking Rings, 012
Stacking Rings, 012

Stacking Rings, 012

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I have always wanted to introduce jewelry from the studio. As with most of my products, I want to offer you an affordable design, using materials I think you will enjoy. I chose to use Argentium Silver to produce these stacking rings. The mix of this silver produces silver rings that tarnish slower when compared to traditional silver on the market. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I believe that each ring set has their own personality, so it's only fair that each set gets a closeup. As a handmade item, each ring stack has a unique pattern. I will list the size unique to each set below, but you are welcome to request another size and have a similar ring set made for you. You are also welcome to mix and match all stacking ring patterns shown on the website. Whichever way you chose to get a set, it is sure to be something extra special.

I hope you find a ring set that suits you.


- Designed & Assembled in Long Beach, California by Mimot Studio
- Silver Stacking Rings (Argentium Silver, .935, Tarnish resistant)

Stacking Rings, 012, Shown Set Size: (6.5)

(different sizes available upon request)

- Silver (Argentium)

Washing Instructions:
- Mild Dish Soap & Warm Water


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